The Owner's Punch list

The Owner’s Punch List.

Here at MHS Works, one of San Diego's best remodeling companies, every project is completed with an owner's punch list. We take pride in our work and want to be sure that you are more than satisfied with the project. So what is an owner’s punch list, and why do we have this system in place?

Ultimately the punch list is our last line of quality assurance. But just as important as the list itself is the meeting between the contractor and the client in order to make the list. It marks the point when you taking ownership of your project.  It's your chance to ask questions, and our chance to show you what a good job we've done and point out features of which we're proud. You may have seen various stages of the project during construction, but this should be the first time you see the completed project.

To avoid confusion, there will be only one approved owner’s punch list, and it will be mutually developed and agreed upon during a walkthrough of the project by you and either the lead carpenter or the production manager.  The document might list omissions, changes or improvements, or might just list things that need a little attention.

What the Owner’s Punch List Achieves.

When the work on the punch list is completed, it also marks a definitive point when we have met our client’s expectations within the scope of the work.  And perhaps more importantly, it marks the conclusion of our contractual obligation to the project, and triggers the owner’s obligation to make the final payment.

How We Tackle Our Punch List Duties.

We strive to keep the punch list very small, by paying attention to every stage of construction. We never use the punch list as an excuse to put off something that could be done better now. "Oh, just stick it on the punch list!" is not the way we work.  Really, this makes both of our lives easier. By holding ourselves to very high standards, we aim to outperform the expectations of our clients, so that they have nothing to put on the owner's punch list.

You'll find a copy of our punch list below.

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