Shower Waterproofing and Linear Drains

MHS Works is one of San Diego's leading shower waterproofing and linear drain contractors, using in the highest quality materials and components from Germany.

We're specialists in installaing the Kerdi waterproofing system manufactured by Schluter Systems of Germany. Schluter are so confident in their product and our installation, that they extend warranties far beyond any other manufacturer or method of waterproofing..

Many of our staff have attended a three day training workshop hosted by the manufacturer Schluter and can be considered expert in the selection and installation of Kerdi, Ditra and all the other Schluter products. for a detailed explaination of how it works, see our blog post, The famous-orange-kerdi-membrane

Linear drains offer a number of advantages over standard drains because installation is flat and slopes in only one plane. Standard drains need to have a curved floor that limits tile to a maximum of 2"x2". This means that any size tile can be utilized and your design is uncompromised. Curb less shower stalls are possible which makes ADA access much easier. Finally linear drains allow interesting drain locations. Under the shower door for example.